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A garden house does not have to be a storage shed, just as a garage or carport does not have to serve as a 'shelter'. At Gardenas, we believe that a 'garden-house' or other wooden structure with the right, durable materials and the appropriate look can literally be an extension of your home, your living space and therefore your well-being. Thanks to our solutions, your driveway or home becomes a bit like a holiday home and you suddenly enjoy a few extra square metres of flexible work and/or living space in the garden. And all in your own natural habitat.

Augmented Reality

You have to try this at home!

Choosing 'the' right garden house or a new carport based on a single image is definitely a thing of the past! Thanks to our latest web feature, you can place any construction from our range directly next to your home or in your garden via your smartphone. This way, you can immediately see which solution really suits you and your living environment!

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Over the years, or say decades, we have made a good habit of manufacturing, transporting and packaging our products as efficiently as possible. Do you have a specific question about one (or more) of our products? If so, on detail pages you will find a nice overview of all features, including the available options. So you always know exactly what you are buying!

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